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Blue Force® LWD FracView®

Nabors offers high-resolution borehole imaging with the FracView loggingwhiledrilling (LWD) tool.  FracView is used for precision caliper measurement, fracture/fault characterization, borehole stability analysis, fracture optimization, and much more.     

Images are acquired by two dynamically focused ultrasonic transducers capable of adjustment of focus and beam shape for optimal performance over a varying standoff range.  Full borehole coverage is provided while rotating.  Deployed as a memory tool with its own battery power and standard API mechanical connections, the FracView tool can be run on any BHA. 


  • High resolution image amplitude and transit time
  • Precision borehole caliper measurement
  • Operates in oil- or water-based muds
  • Nominal 4.75 and 6.50inch collar sizes, covering borehole diameters from 5.88 to 10.50 inches  
  • Drilling dynamics monitoring allows for identification of stick-slip and whirl conditions
  • Directional sensor for highside image orientation 
  • Incasing and openhole operation
  • Ultra-deep memory storage

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