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Mud Motors

A high percentage of mud motors are considered to be run out of spec by industry standards. The challenge has been to build a reliable motor that can withstand the stresses of more weight on bit, differential pressure, and rotary RPM.

Nabors’ Blue Force® steerable mud motors are maintained with the strictest quality control, resulting in excellent reliability. Features include:

  • Mud-lubricated bearing design – not affected by mud type or temperature
  • Proven short bit-to-bend design offers ability to achieve build rates with less bend
  • Utilization of multiple elastomers and types from qualified vendors to suit specific customer applications
  • Multiple power section configurations available to suit a variety of drilling environments
  • Heavy duty transmission to accommodate high-torque power sections

Additionally, vertical drilling motors are available that can be configured for any hole size. Benefits of vertical drilling motors include:

  • Wellbore quality improvements
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) improvements
  • Longer bit runs
  • Mitigation of deviation control issues
  • Reduced non-productive time (NPT)
  • Significant vibration reduction

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