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Integra™ Tubular Running Services

Nabors Integra™ Tubular Running Services (TRS) integrates the Casing Drive System™ tool with the rig to create a safer environment by keeping employees out of the red zone, reducing on-site personnel by as much as half. Our propriety software empowers the driller to take control and deliver the casing with consistency and repeatability through a single touch.  This includes expanded functionality such as auto-fill and cross-thread detection that delivers the most efficient casing run in the industry.

Nabors’ tubular service solutions include casing running, tubing running, torque monitoring, pick-up/laydown, hammering, accessories, bucking services, thread washing and the installation of control lines for complex well completions.

Onshore Casing Running

Nabors proudly offers a wide portfolio of onshore casing and tubular handling services as well as drill pipe and drill tool inspection services. 



Offshore Completions

Nabors offers conventional and proprietary tubular running services for running production tubulars with or without control lines.

Onshore Automated Casing Running

Through increased automation, less manpower and equipment is needed for casing running operations. 

Deepwater Casing

Nabors offers conventional casing running services for running large OD tubular to heavy lift tubular.

Cementing & Casing Accessories

Nabors offers cementing and casing accessories, including hydroform centralizers, multi-lobe torque (MLT) rings, reaming shoes and cementing solutions.