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Managed Pressure Ready

Managed pressure drilling (MPD) technology has been identified as an alternative to access narrow pressure windows, mitigate fluid losses, avoid stuck pipe incidents, and prevent well control problems.

For years, land drillers in unconventional plays have seen the benefits of MPD in overcoming typical conventional drilling challenges such as full losses, excessive torque and drag, stuck pipe incidents followed by expensive sidetracks and not being able to run casing to bottom. Although MPD can help overcome these challenges, there is potential for operational inefficiencies that result in non-productive time when MPD components are not integrated as part of the drilling rig.

Designed to overcome these challenges, Nabors MPD-Ready® rigs feature integrated hardware and software components, and required flow paths, to ascertain the downhole pressure environment limits and manage annular hydraulic pressure during drilling operations. All equipment skids with rig, eliminating non-productive time when moving between wells for multi-well pad drilling.

Nabors MPD-Ready® rigs are a cost-effective solution for controlling losses and ensuring successful MPD cementing operations for optimum zonal isolation.

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