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Multi-Size Elevator MSE-500

The Canrig® multi-size elevator, or MSE-500, is designed to handle all the necessary pipe dimensions for drilling large sections of a well. When new size objects will be handled, the inserts are shifted by remote controls.

The multi-size elevator seamlessly works with the pipe handler to ensure a fast and safe transfer of objects, through the weight negotiation feature of the robotic control system. Through this feature, the elevator measures the weight of the stand or assembly.

The multi-size elevator eliminates manual operations when shifting inserts and can save up to five to ten minutes per shift.


  • Remote-controlled change of inserts
  • Can be tilted 90 degrees
  • Retro-fit-able on existing top drives
  • Automatic operation
  • Closed design for avoiding risk when opening elevator, enters from the top of the pipe
  • Fail-safe insert design
  • 500T capacity (with option for higher capacity)

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