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Energy Efficient Lighting Solution

Canrig’s proprietary design, ILLUMIC™ lighting system, is designed to maximize workers’ visibility by illuminating the overall wellsite using energy efficient and maintenance free light-emitting diode, LED, fixtures mounted at the top of the mast on a custom frame. The ILLUMIC lighting system reduces noise, CO2 emissions, costs and man-hours related to relocating and maintaining multiple portable light towers on location.

ILLUMIC offers more reach and foot candles per square foot than any other conventional system, replacing an equivalent of up to six diesel light towers on-site. Our engineers designed a frame that does not impact the crown’s footprint.

Key Features:

  • Seamless installation with our custom crown-mounted framing
  • Fuel savings of 29 gal/day with a reduction of 213 kw/hr to lessen carbon emissions
  • Maintenance-free LEDs increase energy efficiency and reliability
  • Lower energy consumption increases LED life span 10+ years
  • Lower overall noise on rigsite when replacing light towers
  • Automatic on/off capabilities based on available light, adding additional energy savings

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