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Mitigate stick-slip and maximize drilling efficiency with the REVit® technology family

The Nabors REVit® technology family delivers advanced top drive automation that eliminates stick-slip, a common drilling dysfunction that limits drilling performance. REVit® helps extend bit runs, avoid unplanned trips due to bit and BHA damage, and optimize parameters for higher rates of penetration – resulting in significant drilling time and cost savings.

Within the REVit® technology family are two mitigation algorithms – single and multi-frequency dampening – to ensure that damaging stick-slip is always effectively mitigated.

REVit® ZT – advanced, automated stick-slip mitigation

Modern drilling operations push parameters and depth to their limits to maximize well performance.These operations require a new approach to overcome stick-slip.

REVit® ZT provides fully-automated stick-slip mitigation over a wider range of parameters and depths to ensure that performance rotary drilling is never stopped by dysfunction.

REVit® Technology Family Features


  • Implementation of industry-standard Z-torque and Soft Torque technology
  • Integrated into the RigTelligent™ rig control system
  • Available on many 3rd party rigs with the RigTelligent™ XT Performance Platform
  • Full system automation
  • Condition monitoring and support provided by RigLine™ 24/7

REVit® Technology Family Benefits

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate effects of damaging stick-slip while rotary drilling
  • Reduces bit damage for higher interval ROP
  • Enables use of more aggressive PDC bits
  • Enables optimized WOB and RPM for more efficient drilling
  • Reduces vibration-induced damage to BHA and downhole equipment

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