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MODSTM Platform

Nabors’ modular offshore dynamic series, or MODS™, offshore platform drilling rigs are lightweight and engineered to accommodate the dynamic wave action associated with deepwater SPAR and tension-leg platforms.

MODS™ rigs break down into lightweight modules, weighing less than 55,000 pounds each. Designed using high-strength steel to minimize weight, a platform crane can offload each module in deepwater applications, or the rig crane can offload the modules during standard installation. In addition to simplifying handling requirements during load out and rig up, this eliminates the need for a derrick barge or other heavy lifting equipment.

Rigs on spars and TLPs must also be able to withstand the dynamic forces caused by wind and wave action. Especially important is how well the rig stands up to acceleration forces caused by the rebound effects that occur after the platform is moved by wind or wave action and then recovers to its original position.

To withstand these dynamic forces, MODS™ rigs have a stronger substructure capable of handling heavier loads. A dynamic assist frame helps strengthen the mast and special clamping mechanisms secure the rig to the platform, which keeps the rig on location in spite of pitch and roll action.

MODS™ rigs were designed primarily for tiebacks, completions, or sidetracks. Generally a semisubmersible or drill ship is brought in to pre-drill the well. A spar or TLP platform is then set over the well and a rig is added. Ranging in size from 750 horsepower to 2,000 horsepower, MODS™ rigs can work in depths up to 25,000 feet.

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