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Blue Force® MWD Pulse

Blue Force® MWD Pulse is a state-of-the-art probe style positive pulse MWD system utilizing the latest technology and design techniques. It is a single probe style design that minimizes the number of tools per job and allows for in-field configuration changes and servicing.

Key Features:

MWD reliability, particularly in harsh environments, is a key challenge for drillers. Nabors’ Blue Force® MWD Pulse is designed to address many of the current MWD reliability issues present in the market today. The system utilizes the latest technology to reduce circuit board count and eliminate connectors. Proprietary electronics mounting inside the modules and internal compression mounting inside the collar reduces shock and vibration exposure


  • Standard Survey
  • 6 Axis Vector Survey
  • Gravity and Magnetic toolface
  • Axial and Lateral S&V – Peak, RMS, Average
  • Continuous Inclination
  • Continuous Azimuth
  • API Gamma Ray
  • All measurements stored in memory at high resolution.


BlueForce MWD Pulse can be run in a variety of modes to address the needs of the operation:

  • Full directional mode behind a steerable motor with onsite personnel.
  • Full directional mode behind a steerable motor operated from the Rigline 24/7 remote operations center.
  • Unmanned survey in straight hole applications where directional needs are minimal.
  • Unmanned gamma logging for picking formation tops or logging to kick off point.

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