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Canrig® Top Drives

Top drives reduce risk and increase safety while drilling in several ways. First, a top drive allows the driller to quickly engage and disengage pumps or the rotary while removing or restringing the pipe. Typically, the frequency of pipe getting stuck is significantly reduced when using top drives, thereby resulting in cost savings. Additionally, top drives reduce much of the manual labor that was historically associated with drilling wells.

Known as the highest quality top drives in the industry, Canrig’s portfolio of top drive systems includes electric-powered units, with the highest performance of torque and speed in the industry.

The durability of Canrig’s top drives is second to none. Available in sizes ranging from 150-ton to 1000-ton units, each unit comes with many different features to optimize drilling efficiency and safety.

Whether building the next generation of AC class rigs, retrofitting a mature mechanical rig or replacing an older model, Canrig can provide a top drive for any application.

Canrig’s commitment to drilling automation and efficiency also resulted in the development of a line of intelligent top drive accessories. Each blends innovation with excellence in engineering:

  • Advanced Diagnostics System
  • Traveling Equipment Anti-Collision System
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring System
  • Enhanced Well Control Features
  • TDSU-Grasshopper

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