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Remote Control Chokes

Nabors premium remote control chokes are the same tried and proven equipment featured on its own rig packages. By providing these chokes to the drilling market, Nabors enables operators to address well control challenges while lowering cost of ownership.

A trusted name in providing well-maintained equipment, Nabors leverages its buying power to provide remote control chokes at lower market rates. By using a single point of contact for equipment, operators can eliminate additional personnel on location and avoid rig up/rig down costs.

Rigline 24/7™ Technical Support

Nabors has a long history of experience in helping customers incorporate the proper remote control chokes for precise pressure control in underbalanced drilling and managed pressure-drilling applications.

Our remote control chokes are supported 24/7 by trained onsite technical experts. By providing immediate service and support, we help reduce your non-productive time, as well as avoid risks and hazards inherent with untrained third-party vendors.

Value-added Services

In addition, Nabors remote control chokes add functionality to existing rig control services that competitors don’t offer, including:

  • Nabors chokes can be tied into existing rig control systems and functions displayed in the driller’s cabin
  • Managed pressure drilling can be integrated into the control system
  • Rotating heads can be monitored for pressure and wear

Drill Smarter with Nabors

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