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Smart Suite Drilling Automation

A sustainable, scalable and innovative suite of performance automation. The Smart Suite enables our customers to capture the most value from advanced drilling automation. Nabors expertise in core drilling technologies has enabled integrated automation that’s a proven solution for customers across every major U.S. land basin and internationally.

The Smart Suite of Advanced Drilling Automation includes, SmartROS, SmartDRILL, SmartPLAN, SmartSLIDE and SmartNAV.

To learn more about how our Smart Suite delivers value, check out the Smart Suite Case Study.


Fully automate and digitalize drilling processes on your rig with this controls system. Our intelligent operating system can be scaled easily across your equipment fleet, regardless of manufacturer.

SmartROS™ Brochure


Our proprietary drilling activity sequencer optimizes rig processes to produce repeatable results that drive cost reduction and improve performance. Because this system can execute full-stand automation, operators are able to implement the best practices of the best driller.


Elevate your efficiencies and performance by seamlessly blending workflows whether it comes from the operator or drilling contractor. This is how you achieve the best from your drilling recipes.


An integrated control system offers many advantages such as automated corrective controls and steering logic. Take full advantage of the automated slide drilling to produce high performance and reduce slide hours whether on one rig or across an entire fleet.

SmartSLIDE™ Brochure

SmartNAV™/SmartSLIDE™ Case Study


Collaborative directional guidance system with robust directional instructions, a wealth of data and 3D visualizations. Through consistent and accurate decision making, mitigate variability and improve performance to achieve accurate well paths and reduce slide footage.