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Robotic Roughneck

Canrig offers the world’s first fully electric, Robotic Roughneck for making precise connections during drilling operations. Replacing the need for casing crews and manual tongs, the electric roughneck is capable of handling high torque (270 kNm) and enables full control of all parameters. It can be used for various sizes of both drill pipe and casing.

The height of the triple-grip torque wrench and backup-tong can be individually adjusted to handle bottom hole assemblies and other challenging drilling operations.


  • Fully electric with 250 kNm capacity
  • Self-contained with built-in controls for easy installation and integration
  • Low maintenance requirement due to use of standard electric components and gears
  • Automatic operation
  • Triple-grip torque wrench (equal distributed) with high accuracy control.
  • 120 degrees total rotation per grip. Evenly distributed torque applied continuously
  • Possibility for high distance between wrenches

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