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Floor Wrench

Torq-Matic™ (TM-100)

Automated Floor Wrench

The industry’s first truly automated floor wrench, comes
standard with feature rich, hands free PLC remote
interface. Add-on options to subscribe to SmartROS® – an
advanced software controller that seamlessly integrates the
TM-100 into the automated workflows of the Top Drive,
Catwalk, Mud Pumps and Drawworks, to make the TM-100
the only floor wrench that allows for autonomous drilling
and tripping activity.

The Canrig® Torq-Matic™ fully automated floor wrenches have quickly developed a reputation for performance and reliability. With an articulated arm, PLC controls and remote operation, it provides the optimum in personnel safety and operational efficiency and extends the life of the drill pipe.


The wrench offers a variety of safety features: 

  • Remote-controlled capability allows the unit to be operated from the driller’s console or from various rig floor locations
  • Multiple system lockouts ensure instantaneous shutdown capability if an unforeseen event occurs
  • Manual operation allows the operator to perform specific unique tasks and can be used in situations where automatic operation is not possible



  • Wireless/Wired Remote Control
  • Stand-Alone Single Pump Hydraulic Power Unit 
  • Stand-Alone Dual Pump Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Pump and Control System Only 
  • Hydraulic Power Unit Cold Weather Kit 
  • Rail Carriage Mounted Delivery System
  • Quick Connect Pocket
  • Pocket Extender Plate

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