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Onshore SmartRigs®

The Nabors rig fleet represents one of the world’s youngest and most advanced fleets in the gas drilling and land drilling industries. Based on our worldwide drilling experience, Nabors has engineered a series of programmable A/C electric, or PACE® rigs, that feature:

  • Minimum 1500 horsepower
  • 22,000 feet of five-inch drill pipe racking capacity
  • Hookload capacity of 750,000 lbs
  • Three 1600-horsepower 7500 psi mud pumps
  • Four engines
  • Advanced walking capabilities for batch drilling multiple wells on a single pad

Nabors’ unique combination of integrated surface and downhole technologies, proprietary software and pad-optimal features creates more value for customers by significantly reducing hidden flat time and providing consistent performance. In 2017, Nabors converted its existing PACE®-B and PACE®-S rigs to a platform equal in capacity and functionality as the newer PACE® rigs. Powered by the SmartROS® platform, Nabors has approximately 100 pad-optimal PACE® series Nabors SmartRig® drilling systems.


Nabors PACE® -X rigs are designed specifically for multi-well pad drilling. They streamline move times over short distances by limiting the components needed for rig up and rig down, resulting in faster drilling and reduced flat and move times. 


Nabors PACE®-R features a man-less rig floor, fully automated drill pipe handling and casing running systems, a closed-loop system, as well as automatic control of downhole directional drilling.


As lateral lengths continue to increase, drillers need a rig with  more power and greater tripping speed. Nabors PACE-M rigs feature innovative advanced features that provide both.

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