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The SmartPLAN well construction engine seamlessly manages both the operator’s and drilling contractor’s workflows to deliver a digital well construction roadmap that optimizes efficiency and improves performance, while harnessing the power of the automated drilling rig.


SmartPLAN® Features

The digitalization of well and rig operations, combined with comprehensive data visualization and an alert/notification management system, enhances the operator’s well construction experience by:

Improving Safety by providing notifications to the driller.

    • Emphasize operators’ best practices, Nabors best practices and safety procedures during all rig operations.

Increasing Service Quality

    • Improving Quality of well execution by efficient planning and drilling performance optimization by recipe driven workflows combined with historical performance data by section.

Focusing on Service Delivery

    • Seamlessly integrate operator and contractor workflows to deliver to the SmartROS Controls system, resulting in better overall operational performance.
    • Efficient integration with automation tools such as SmartDRILL®, SmartSLIDE®, REVit®, etc.

Optimizing Performance

    • Process improvements resulting in overall drilling efficiency with a resultant time and cost savings

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