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Designed to deliver maximum drilling performance, the PACE®-M800 rig further enhances drilling efficiencies and reduces flat time. Its simplified design enables faster, more advanced walking capabilities and quicker rig-up and rig-down times to reduce move times and lower drilling costs.

More Power

  • Three 1,600-horsepower mud pumps with 7,500 PSI deliver high flow rates
  • 1,150-horsepower top drive provides 51,000 feet per pound of torque at the drill bit
  • Four engines that eliminate the risk for blackouts

Maximum Tripping Speed

  • 3,000 horsepower drawworks that enable trip speeds of 380 feet per minute
  • 800 Kips of hook load with nine lines of string up to maximize block speed
  • 600 Kip setback enables racking capacity of 25,000 feet

Faster Drilling

  • When drilling laterals at or greater than 7,500 feet, the PACE®-M800 rig’s racking capacity eliminates the need to lay down drill pipe between wells on the same pad.
  • It provides the required pressure to maximize rate of penetration (ROP) while running rotary steerable systems and during extended-reach laterals with conventional mud motors.
  • A redundant mud pump is available if a single pump goes down during the intermediate and production holes.

Advanced Walking Capabilities

The PACE®-M800 rig also features faster, more advanced walking capabilities for multi-well pad drilling. It is ideal for drilling up to four wells per pad and moves twice as fast as the PACE®-X800 rig. Features include:

  • Standard walking distance of 120 feet by 30 feet, with the ability to increase in 100-foot increments
  • Moves two feet per minute with full 600 kip setback, compared to our leading competitor’s offering of only 400 kip setback
  • Designed with large walking feet to reduce the load bearing on location
  • Provides self-leveling mechanism in the event of location settling and easily accommodates off-center surface holes

Faster Rig Moves

Pad-to-pad rig moves impact total well costs. The PACE®-M800 rig features a simplified rig up/rig down process that reduces days per move and cost per move. Designed for fast rig-up and a minimum number of loads, the new PACE®-M800 rig can move in two days with fewer crane requirements. It features:

  • Two versus four hydraulic cylinders to decrease time required to bleed cylinders and eliminate additional maintenance
  • Integrated spill containment in center steel eliminates time and safety exposure associated with rigging up third-party rental equipment
  • Extended BOP transport skid allows rotating head to remain rigged up on stack, eliminating rig up/rig down between pads
  • Backyard and rig can be rigged up at the same time

Safer Operations

When moving between wells, the PACE®-M800 rig reduces manual handling activities by approximately 80 percent compared to competitors. As such, enhanced safety features include:

  • Walking shaker skid minimizes flow line handling between wells
  • Accumulator and HPU skid are mounted to the substructure and walk with the rig
  • Integrated catwalk with walking system eliminates the need to reposition equipment between wells on a pad


As lateral lengths continue to increase, drillers need a rig with more power and greater tripping speeds.

The PACE®-M1000 rig features innovative advanced technologies that provide both of these capabilities, while also improving rig move efficiency.

More Power

  • Three 1,600-horsepower mud pumps deliver high flow rates when required and provide a backup pump if needed
  • A 7,500 PSI mud system provides the required pressure to maximize rate of penetration (ROP) while running rotary steerable systems or conventional mud motors during extended-reach laterals
  • A 1,150-horsepower top drive provides 51,400 ft-lbs continuous torque at 120 rpm
  • Four/five 3512C engines rated at 1476-horsepower each provide all the power needed by the rig

Maximum Tripping Speed

  • 3,000-horsepower drawworks with hoisting speed of 380 feet per minute
  • 1000-kip hook capacity at 10-line drill line string-up for maximum block speed
  • 900-kip setback enables racking capacity of 30,000 feet of 5 1/2” drill pipe

SmartROS™ Platform

The PACE®-M800 rig comes with Nabors state-of-the-art SmartROS platform to further enhance drilling performance. SmartROS™ controls feature intuitive, icon-based navigation screens that adjust based on current rig activity. Integrated with advanced downhole tools, the control system enables the automation of repetitive tasks and alerts the driller of any potential issues.

Enhance Your Operations

Nabors offers an integrated suite of products and services for the PACE®-M800 rig to help customers save money and improve performance. These include performance tools that improve drilling operations, managed pressure services for better rig efficiency and productivity and tubular services that provide safer and more efficient casing activities. See your marketing representative for more information on the products and services designed for the PACE®-M800 rig.

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