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Nabors’ SunDowner® is capable of being off-loaded and assembled on an offshore platform in a single day…from sunup to sundown. The short rig-up time results in significant mobilization cost savings.

Rig components and packaged modules are sized to fit the available deck area of a standard supply boat. The compact arrangement, loaded aboard the vessel in reverse order of assembly, makes maximum use of deck space and facilitates an orderly and efficient rig-up. All rig components are packaged in modules not to exceed 17 kips allowing for hoisting by the platform crane.

The rig has as a box-on-box substructure and is SCR electrically powered. Despite the compact arrangement of the SunDowner® rigs, floor space is spacious enough to provide a safe, efficient workplace for rig personnel. The substructure and drill floor are designed to drill 22 wells on one location without moving the backyard components.


The SunDowner® has three Caterpillar 3512C engines rated at 1,476 horsepower, each driving one Kato 1365 KW generator, for a total of 4,428 horsepower. The rig has a Loadmaster Bootstrap style 142 ft telescoping mast with a maximum rated static hook load of 600,000 lbs on 10 lines. The mast design allows for the V-Door to be located on two sides of the Rig floor which provides additional flexibility to configure the rig for different well site locations.


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