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Nabors Automated Casing Drive System™ Slashes Rig Up/Down Time by 70% in Colombia

March 20, 2024

Nabors has expanded its Integrated Tubular Running Services in Colombia, allowing clients to run automated casing operations efficiently and reliably in a region dominated by conventional practices.

March 20, 2024 – A Colombian Operator improved casing operations by adopting Nabors Automated Casing Running. Previously, manual handling of equipment on the rig floor led to higher transportation costs, increased manpower requirements and exposure to risks in the red zone. The Automated Casing Drive System™ (CDS) addresses these challenges, enhancing efficiency and improving safety.

The CDS, linked hydraulically to the top drive and directed by the driller’s HMI screen, enables consistent connections throughout the casing run. This removes guesswork, minimizes manual torque application and enhances safety by keeping crews out of the red zone.

Recent Results

Following the transition from conventional to integrated casing running, the operator achieved:

  • 21% improvement in casing joint speed.
  • 70% improvement in rig up and down time.
  • Four-hour savings compared to conventional mobilization/demobilization times.

Read more on Nabors Automated Casing Drive System™ in Colombia in the case study here.

Integrated TRS is available on all SmartROS-enabled rigs, from Nabors and other drilling contractors.