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SmartROS™ Version 4.4: Everything You Need to Know About the New Code Upgrade

June 6, 2022

Nabors rig operating system was developed for rigs to execute process automation and advanced rig controls. The SmartROS™ rig operating system was designed by drillers for drillers and can be scaled easily across any rig fleet, regardless of manufacturer.

As part of an ongoing effort to continuously enhance the SmartROS™ rig operating system, Nabors released the following upgrades and features as part of its recent version 4.4 code upgrade:

  • Commercial deployment of automated engine management solution, SmartPOWER™
  • Additional integrations of third-party applications with two of the world’s largest oilfield services companies
  • SmartDRILL®, SmartSLIDE® and Casing Running enhancements
    • SmartDRILL: Enhanced customization options for pick-up off bottom and set stump procedures, incorporated MPD into SmartDRILL sequence, additional equipment status checks throughout automation sequence (safety, fault prevention and equipment protection), and more.
    • SmartSLIDE: Improved steering logic to achieve target faster and remain at target position, modified functionality to simplify lining up the toolface at the start of a slide and more.
    • Casing Running: Enables conventional casing with the option to use the Canrig CDS™ tool offering a hybrid conventional-integrated offering. This option empowers the driller to control the CDS tool through the HMI. With this integration, the driller can fill casing with the mud pumps through the top drive and CDS and for conventional jobs with long laterals, the driller can rotate, ream and circulate when needed.
    • Improved cyber security measures

With SmartROS rig controls, drillers can deploy advanced automation to elevate their people, their performance and their customers without an expensive rig upgrade. Learn more here.