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SmartPOWER™ Engine Management, Drilling Automation Among Technologies Nabors Will Showcase at IADC/SPE 2022 

March 8, 2022

Nabors has built an extensive portfolio of digital and decarbonization solutions to deliver the next wave of drilling efficiency with a lower carbon footprint.  

Those attending IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2022 in Galveston on March 8-10, 2022, are invited to stop by Booth #519 to learn more about these transformative technologies. 

Decarbonizing Drilling Operations and Beyond 

Last year, Nabors revealed its new product line that was purpose-built to drive energy efficiency and reduce emissions for Nabors and third-party customers – Nabors Energy Transition Solutions (NETS). The portfolio includes: 

  • Emissions reporting and analytics software through RigCLOUD® 
  • SmartPOWER, an engine management system that applies artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms to real-time drilling data to help optimize the number of engines running per task and automate the start and stop of engines 
  • Energy storage systems, including a hybrid battery solution, and a proprietary Super Capacitor, PowerFLOW, both of which reduce the required number of online gensets 
  • NanO2® fuel enhancer that is added to the fuel mix to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and increase engine performance 
  • Traditional high-line power and dual-fuel offerings
  • Hydrogen and carbon capture technologies 

Looking ahead, the Company expects to extend these technologies beyond drilling to the upstream segment and to the broader industrial economy.  

Smart Suite of Drilling Automation Tools Increase Footage Per Day with Fewer Emissions 

Nabors leads its peers in developing innovative drilling automation software that is engineered to consistently, and safely, produce superior results. An analysis from last year revealed customers running five or more Nabors’ automation tools increased drilling footage per day by 22% to 48% and reduced CO2 emissions between 18% and 32% per well.  

Nabors’ leading drilling automation portfolio includes:  

  • SmartNAV™, a scalable directional guidance system complete with robust instructions, 3D visualizations and anti-collision mechanisms 
  • SmartSLIDE™, a steering control system integrated with critical directional drilling information to automate slide drilling 
  • SmartDRILL™, an advanced drilling process automation that decreases connection times and unplanned trips 
  • SmartPLAN™, a digital integration of operator and drilling contractor’s workflows to deliver digital recipes that optimize efficiency and improve performance  
  • REVit®, a fully automated stick-slip mitigation to improve rotary drilling 
  • ROCKit®, a patented, automated pipe oscillation software to increase rate of penetration and deliver ideal weight on bit 

Utilizing Nabors SmartROS, drillers can deploy these advanced automation tools to elevate their people, their performance and their customers without an expensive rig upgrade. Uniquely, Nabors is looking beyond its fleet, equipping third-party drilling companies with SmartROS and its drilling automation to help drive industry-wide drilling efficiencies.