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Recent Successes for Major UAE Operator Support International Growth Momentum

June 28, 2024

Through a recent drilling campaign for a major United Arab Emirates (UAE) operator, Nabors successfully delivered across performance objectives, including safety, efficiency and efforts to lower emissions.

This Nabors 3,000 horsepower, high-floor land drilling rig is equipped with advanced drilling technologies, including the Canrig Automated Catwalk, Canrig 750-ton AC Top Drive, and REVit® stick-slip mitigation solution, enabling safer and efficient drilling operations.

Notably, the crew celebrated over 300 days without any Lost Time Incident, reflecting Nabors commitment to “Mission Zero”.

In addition, installing the ILLUMIC™ Lighting System saved 55,440 KWh of energy and 6,930 gallons of fuel in 330 operating days. This energy efficient lighting solution eliminated the use of diesel-powered light towers, greatly improving worker visibility during night operations. Additionally, ILLUMIC improved safety and productivity while lowering emissions and reducing operational costs. Read the full case study here.

As a result, these achievements led to a successful contract extension with the customer, marking another international win for the Nabors team and continued expansion in the Middle East. Including our joint venture, SANAD, Nabors has about 60 rigs in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, having recently won new contracts in Algeria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Neeraj Rajendran, Nabors UAE Operations Manager, said: “We are proud to witness the tangible results of our collaboration, advanced technologies, strong safety culture and commitment to regional performance. All of these factors significantly contributed to securing this contract extension.”