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New Features Available with SmartROS® Version 4.5

May 3, 2023

Nabors’ digital and automation platform, SmartROS®, is used to execute process and machine automation and advanced rig controls. Built for drillers by drillers, the solution can be scaled easily across any rig fleet, regardless of manufacturer.

Key features and enhancements from the new release


  • Upgraded code base for faster integration and deployment of third-party applications.
  • Improved user experience with modern and easy to use interface.
  • Additional edge computing capacity to modernize infrastructure.

New Third-Party Integrations

  • ROGII for geosteering applications.
  • Corva to accelerate drilling automation, with an initial focus on a Predictive Driller for greater drilling rate-of-penetration (ROP).
  • Additional collaborations with Global Oilfield Services companies forthcoming.

Smart Suite Apps

  • SmartNAV®: Integrated with ROGII’s StarSteer to streamline directional drilling and geosteering workflows.
  • SmartSLIDE®: Improved usability by reducing user interactions and enhanced logic to control toolface through faster change in drilling parameters.
  • SmartDRILL®: Introduced automated stall mitigation and recovery feature to better protect motors. Automated pack-off, quill connection and trim hoisting protections, setting slips (hardware required) processes. Improved back to bottom, post slide control drill and automated zeroing processes.
  • Cross App Integration: Integrated more parameters to improve handover between SmartNAV, SmartSLIDE and SmartDRILL. Automated the start of slide when drilldown instructions are received. Added options for remote user to customize slide execution.
  • SmartPOWER™: Automated the start and stop of engines based on the AI-based power predictions. Expanded controller compatibility. And added reporting metrics through RigCLOUD® to highlight fuel and emissions savings.