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Nabors Showcased Automation and Decarbonization Technologies at ADIPEC 2022

November 15, 2022

ADIPEC is the world’s largest and most influential gathering for the energy industry. Featuring over 2,200 exhibitors, more than 165,000 visitors attended the conference, making it one of the year’s busiest tradeshows.

Nabors experts showcased our portfolio of advanced robotics, energy transition solutions and Middle East drilling automation projects. We asked Peter Kerekes, operations manager for Nabors Drilling Solutions, to give his take on the engagement at our booth:

“This year’s ADIPEC was an amazing opportunity for us to connect with clients and industry leaders from all over the world.”

“It was great to see so many people interested in our recent rig retrofits and first-of-their-kind drilling automation projects in the Middle East. We had a packed schedule throughout the week, with customers and prospects stopping by our booth to learn more about our drilling automation and decarbonization portfolio. The level of interest was high, and there is no doubt that Nabors will help to solve new sustainability challenges through our capital-light technology solutions”.

Nabors’ focus remains on process automation, robotics, digitalization and decarbonization. Nabors is committed to growth and innovation in our base business. In 2023, we will continue to develop modular solutions that can be installed on any rig to automate drilling operations and digitalize workflows.

Additionally, we will broaden our portfolio of decarbonization solutions through our subsidiary, Canrig, which currently includes power management, energy storage, fuel additives, emissions reporting and monitoring.

Media Engagement

Miguel Sanchez, VP of International Operations spoke to Oloumaldar, the official News Center from Abu Dhabi, and discussed the importance of connecting with Nabors’ partners, customers and prospective  customers at ADIPEC.

With ADIPEC’s growth comes increased global participation, and the UAE is attracting more investors. He adds that Nabors is contributing to many projects and is excited about the opportunities for developing additional business relationships in the region. Be sure to watch the interview here.

In a Spotlight interview with ADIPEC, Miguel Sanchez, VP of International Operations and Clint Ford, VP of Global Sales & Marketing discuss the importance of participating in an event like ADIPEC and share their insights on Nabors’ focus on addressing key sustainability challenges through automation, robotics and energy transition. Watch the complete interview here.