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Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

Unconventional wells in the U.S. have become much more complex as denser, closer well spacing requires a higher level of downhole precision and control. Medium-radius build and turn horizontal trajectories have seen frequent unplanned trips continue to affect the oil and gas industry due to poor motor yields or poor downhole reliability. 

Nabors specializes in advanced wellbore placement solutions and is a leading provider of directional drilling and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems and automated survey services for unconventional markets.

To help operators maximize efficiencies, Nabors has designed several downhole measurement tools to address specific applications. For example, the AccuSteer® MWD system combines sensing of several relevant drilling dynamics with a true, at-bit location. Its distinctive features include near-bit continuous inclination, weight-, torque- and bend-on-bit, resistivity and azimuthal gamma. At thirty feet in length, the AccuSteer® system is one of the shortest directional drilling and geosteering systems in the industry. Data from the AccuSteer® tool integrates with Nabors’ Rigtelligent® operating control system and with other directional drilling software programs, to improve overall performance and penetration rates. Specifically designed for onshore, multi-well pad drilling operations, the AccuSteer® tool can be run unmanned with very little time required for rig up and rig down. 

As the drilling process becomes more automated and drillers are tasked to manage more downhole activities, the Rigtelligent® control system streamlines directional drilling operations with automated sequences that close the loop between downhole tools, surface controls and the driller. 

In basins with unique geological challenges, drillers often encounter high doglegs, high friction factors or challenges with running casing. The Rigtelligent™ control system integrates geosteering feedback and automated rig instructions, to reduce sidetracks and overcome challenges associated with geological changes. The interface also accepts directional telemetry from downhole systems of other directional drilling companies.

With an experienced, in-house engineering team, Nabors designs and manufactures many of the proprietary directional drilling and performance tools that integrate with the Rigtelligent™ control system. This creates a holistic environment of integrated hardware and software that enables drillers to perform directional drilling, managed pressure drilling and casing running services, without the need for additional service providers.