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The protection of the Earth is not just an aspirational goal, but the practical application and efficient use of our resources and expertise. We use our proprietary technology and services to deliver efficiencies that reduce our customers’ operational footprint.

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Environmental Management System

Nabors is committed to performing at the highest level of operational integrity. To achieve this, we developed a global Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is a part of the company’s strategy to provide a framework for our actions in reducing or eliminating the negative environmental impacts of our business activities. Our EMS policy details the framework we apply.

Energy Management

Identifying and managing our energy consumption does more than reduce costs, it lessens the impact on our world. With additional automaton on our rigs, warehouse and office efficiencies, we are able to continually decrease our footprint. 


Nabors is committed to monitor, measure and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Seeking ways to lower emissions through cutting-edge, efficient technologies and innovative processes to create a competitive advantage for Nabors and supports our customers with reduced costs. Providing our customers with equipment and services that reduce fuel consumption for their activities, together, we are contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions that ultimately impact climate change.

 Climate Change


Finding solutions to mitigate climate change means identifying opportunities and developing and implementing technology. The changing climate creates risk but also the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and growth through the use of technological advances.

Spill Prevention

Foundational to our spill prevention approach are innovative technologies designed to properly contain fluids. There is a sense of urgency to protect the environment from impact and we consider all facets including the storage, handling and disposal features.

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Water and Waste Management

To maintain an ecological balance, we continually evaluate viable methods for water reduction, material reuse and end-state waste management alternatives to protect our natural resources. 

Suppliers and Vendors

To further a collaborative effort, we work with suppliers aligned with our business standards. We urge those suppliers to go beyond local, state and national environmental laws, regulations and practices. The companies we work with must demonstrate they comply with all applicable standards regarding human rights, labor and governance. Nabors’ code of vendor conduct outlines the expectation that suppliers and vendors are expected to demonstrate highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.