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Female Employees Pave the Way in Safety at Nabors 

October 16, 2018

Meet the First QHSE Specialist in West Texas

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), women only account for 22 percent of the oil and gas
workforce (field and office). As automation increases on our rigs, Nabors believes additional field
opportunities will increase for women in our industry. Nabors is helping overcome the gender imbalance
by hiring more women. Meet two females who are making an impact in the Quality, Health, Safety and
Environment Department (QHSE).

Brooke Guidry recently was appointed as the first female QHSE specialist in West Texas. A native of
Grapeland, Texas, Guidry began her journey in the oil and gas industry as a roustabout at Nabors. She
also served as a floorhand.

Guidry said that being a female in a male-dominated industry has its challenges, but also has its rewards.
She calls it a great honor to be the first female QHSE specialist in her district, as well as the first in her
family to work in the oil and gas industry.

“I’ve been part of a rig crew out on the field and a rig crew out in the yard so far, all with great guys,”
Guidry said. “I’ve created lasting bonds with my crewmen. Pushing through a threshold of what one
might think is their physical limit has a way of setting a tone of respect and bringing people together.”

A memorable experience of Guidry out on the rig was the first time tripping out. “I ended up covered
from head to toe in oil-based mud. It felt like an oil field baptism.”

Guidry has a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science from West Texas A&M University, where
she also played collegiate softball for four years. Prior to joining Nabors, Guidry was working in
education and looking to make a career change.

“Several of my acquaintances referred me to Nabors. Everyone spoke highly of Nabors and I felt this
company could be a great opportunity,” Guidry said.

Choosing to grow her career at Nabors in safety was an easy decision for Guidry.

“Trying to create a culture of safety, I appreciate the details in the job. That was a mindset endowed in
me from my driller and rig managers,” Guidry said. “I was always the safety captain on our crew and
eventually a colleague mentioned that I might be good in HSE. From there, I was approached by
someone in the safety department. I applied, interviewed and am proud to say I love my job.”

In her free time, Guidry enjoys the outdoors, working out, hanging out with her dog, Louie, and
spending quality time with friends and family. An interesting fact about Guidry is she is a former mixed
martial arts (MMA) professional who competed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Someone who inspires her is grandmother. “She was an amazing woman and a fearless leader. She lived
through childhood cancer, the depression and World War II. I attribute much of my grit to her,” Guidry

Meet QHSE Specialist Nicole Espinoza in East Texas

In East Texas, former QHSE assistant Nicole Espinoza was recently appointed to the role of QHSE
specialist. A native of Pekin, Illinois, Espinoza is the first in her family to work in the oil and gas industry
and has been with Nabors for more than seven years.

“I started as a QHSE administrative assistant and took training classes at Nabors and outside the
company to learn more about the oil and gas industry, while covering various safety topics,” Espinoza
said. “I want to help build a consistent safety culture throughout the Nabors organization.”

Espinoza holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree
in industrial and organizational psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Espinoza enjoys spending time with her family and two-year-old son. Her husband inspires her to grow
her career in the industry.

“He has always been supportive of my career goals and encourages me to step outside my comfort zone
to accomplish them. I also work with many incredible people here at Nabors who have taken time to
explain things to me and they have taught me all I know about the oil and gas industry,” Espinoza said.

Mission Zero

As for Mission Zero, Guidry and Espinoza provide their definitions.

“Safety is a mindset and culture that is shared and maintained by all Nabors employees,” Guidry said.

“By maintaining safety protocols, teamwork and advocating Mission Zero, we make sure our crews are
taken care of. Mission Zero means nothing happens to our Nabors employees and that they are able to
return to their families after each hitch.”

Espinoza added, “Mission Zero means everyone goes home the same way that they came to work, no
equipment was damaged and we did not negatively impact the environment.”

Advice to Other Females
Guidry encourages other females who want to enter the oil and gas industry, including a career in
safety, “Be fearless and leave your excuses at home. There’s a lot of opportunity and if you are willing to
see how far you can push yourself, then there’s a crew for you.”