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“Drilling Deeper” Geothermal Video Series: Ep. 1: Sage Geosystems

September 28, 2022

“Drilling Deeper” Geothermal Video Series

Nabors made four geothermal venture investments  in 2021-2022. The “Drilling Deeper” series features each of our portfolio company CEOs,
providing a glimpse into their backgrounds and taking a deeper dive into their technologies and key differentiators.

In the series debut, Sage CEO Cindy Taff discusses their recent successes and key areas of focus for 2022 and beyond. Their technologies will
work in almost any rock formation where the temperature at the bottom of the well is between 100 and 250°C. Sage will target these temperatures
at depths that can be affordably drilled with existing oilfield technologies and equipment, making its geothermal energy scalable now.

To learn more about Sage, please visit their website.