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RigWatch® Suite

RigWatch® Suite

The RigWatch® Suite is a comprehensive rig monitoring system that turns rig site data into well site knowledge to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making for a higher level of operational efficiency. It consolidates drilling; pressure, volume and temperature (PVT); measurement while drilling (MWD) and mud logging data to give rig personnel immediate access to critical data that impacts operational performance.

Nabors’ RigWatch® Suite collects data from a variety of sources – including surface and downhole instrumentation, drilling equipment, tour sheets, reports and third-party service providers – to help track and improve drilling performance. The suite consist of:


An onsite EDR/PVT/Reporting system that includes numerous sensors, data acquisition systems, satellite communications, data storage, real-time live data on location, WITS communications to third parties, lag calculation/sample tracking, directional application, alarms, equipment condition monitoring, pipe tally, wired and wireless networks and a custom advanced formula engine to allow unique calculations.®

A remote data and reporting portal for central data collection to provide customers with a Web-based view of their entire operation. Data generated at the wellsite using RigWatch® instrumentation can be transmitted to the® portal in real time.

RigWatch® Pulse

A mobile data portal and reporting program that allows access to essential live or historical data, reports, rig information, maps, ECM alerts, and contact information on your mobile device. It also allows chat to rig conversations.

Rigline 24/7™

A support and field service that provides 24/7 support of all RigWatch® products, including remote and on-location services, troubleshooting, installation, and commissioning. Many technical issues can be resolved using remote diagnostics without dispatching a technician to the wellsite. Availability of parts at a localized district warehouse reduces downtime.


Nabors® has a unique offering of automated KPIs that use RigWatch® to create daily reports, as well as end of well reports. These reports have been used by Nabors® rigs to deliver significant operating performance improvements by bringing data directly to the rigs crews, as well as operations management.

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