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PACE®-X800 Quad Design Drilling Rig

Pace®-X800 Quad Design

Featuring the same advanced multi-well pad drilling capabilities of the PACE®-X800 rig, the PACE®-X800 quad design rig includes an additional 31-foot section to allow for four joints of pipe in the setback. 

Quad stands typically require fewer connections than triples. On a 20,000-foot well, for example, the additional section can result in 58 fewer connections. While conventional onshore drilling rigs have a cantilever-style mast, the quad rig uses a bootstrap technology, which rigs up the mast vertically. 


  • 186-foot mast height
  • 30,000 feet total capacity, including casing
  • 126-foot quad stand
  • 90-foot casing stand

Benefits of a Quad Design

  • Less time spent making and breaking connections
  • Offline casing stand-building reduces casing running time and risk of not reaching bottom with casing
  • PACE®-X800 rig readily accommodates upgrade with existing bootstrap mast

Enhance Your Operations

Nabors offers an integrated suite of products and services for the PACE®-X800 quad design drilling rig to help customers save money and improve performance. These include performance tools that improve drilling operations, managed pressure services for better rig efficiency and productivity and tubular services that provide safer and more efficient casing activities. See your marketing representative for more information on the products and services designed for the PACE®-X800 quad design drilling rig.

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