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Logging While Drilling

Nabors, through its PetroMar division, offers advanced Logging While Drilling (LWD) services for unconventional and conventional applications, including offshore and High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT). As our global customer base of E&P operators seeks to continuously improve operational efficiency and profitability, our LWD service offerings provide significant value while remaining cost-effective.

Our service offering relies on FracView®  and SpectraView LWD tools acquiring an information-rich set of complementary measurements supporting many stages of reservoir and well management process including: reservoir characterization, wellbore positioning and the design of well completion. The tools are compact, self-contained, combinable and compatible with Oil and Water based mud systems. Support of memory acquisition mode allows deployment of our tools on any Borehole Assembly (BHA) regardless of the Rig or Service provider.

By keeping our LWD service and LIH costs low, minimizing rig time by collecting high-value data while drilling, and reducing the risks associated with collecting that data, our LWD services are an economically viable option for any and every well – even any and every unconventional lateral. The answer products we deliver feed into many established petrophysical workflows and are sought-after for research related to geomechanics, engineered completions and fracture systems.

The product development team at our PetroMar division comprises a multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers and technical professionals with decades of downhole technology experience. The team has a track record of bringing commercially successful downhole solutions to market, including several industry-first products.