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PACE®-M1000 Rig

PACE®-M1000 Rig

As lateral lengths continue to increase, drillers need a rig with more power and greater tripping speeds. The PACE®-M1000 rig features innovative advanced technologies that provide both of these capabilities, while also improving rig move efficiency.

More Power

  • Three 1,600-horsepower mud pumps deliver high flow rates when required and provide a backup pump if needed
  • A 7,500 PSI mud system provides the required pressure to maximize rate of penetration (ROP) while running rotary steerable systems or conventional mud motors during extended-reach laterals
  • A 1,150-horsepower top drive provides 51,400 ft-lbs continuous torque at 120 rpm
  • Four/five 3512C engines rated at 1476-horsepower each provide all the power needed by the rig

Maximum Tripping Speed

  • 3,000-horsepower drawworks with hoisting speed of 380 feet per minute
  • 1000-kip hook capacity at 10-line drill line string-up for maximum block speed
  • 900-kip setback enables racking capacity of 30,000 feet of 5 1/2” drill pipe

Advanced Walking Capabilities

Ideal for drilling up to four wells per pad, the PACE®-M1000 rig features faster, more advanced walking capabilities for multi-well pad drilling.

Faster Rig Moves

Pad-to-pad rig moves impact total well costs. The PACE®-M1000 rig features a simplified rig-up/rig-down process that reduces days per move and cost per move. Designed with a minimum number of loads for fast-rig up, the new PACE®-M1000 rig can move in four to six days.

SmartROS™ Platform

The PACE®-M1000 rig is equipped with Nabors SmartROS platform to further enhance drilling performance. The SmartROS system features intuitive, icon-based navigation screens that adjust based on current rig activity. Integrated with advanced downhole tools, the control system enables the automation of repetitive tasks and alerts the driller of any potential issues.

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