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Tesco® TAC 45 Hydraulic Catwalk

Tesco<sup>®</sup> TAC 45 Hydraulic Catwalk

The largest of Tesco® catwalk offerings, the Tesco® Automated Catwalk 45, or the TAC 45, was designed to be the most adaptable hydraulic catwalk system in the world. Its four lifting arms allow it to provide more strength, agility and reliability than the catwalk industry standard. Utilizing the front scissor lift arms and rear cantilever arms, the TAC 45 can present tubulars to any rig floor at heights of up to 32 feet. The TAC 45 is powered by a 100HP motor, maintains a lifting capacity of up to 10,000 pounds (5 tons) and can handle up to 20” diameter tubulars and tubular products.

The Tesco® Automated Catwalk (TAC) system transfers tubulars between the pipe rack and the rig floor in an efficient, controlled manner. The TAC has an extendable trough which gives operators the ability to customize its position to the approximate inch required at well center. This drastically reduces the swing weight of the tubular being picked up from the trough, and it reduces the amount of space necessary for the rig crew to push back from the tubular when laying down. An on-board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allows the operator to move critical functions of the catwalk simultaneously, positioning it precisely where the trough needs to be on the rig floor. TACs can be operated wirelessly with an explosion-proof remote from the rig floor or manually from the valve back on the TAC.

TACs are designed to achieve zero contact with personnel. When picking up a casing string, the TAC is equipped with casing runs that are pinned onto its side. This creates a bridge between the pipe racks and the catwalk and keeps workers at safe distance. Additionally, the TAC system’s open belly design and its ability to manipulate the arms horizontally provide for ease of maintenance and allows the operator or technician to troubleshoot in a more open, and thereby safer, working environment. In fact, most troubleshooting can be diagnosed by standing on the outside of the catwalk’s frame looking in.

Each TAC is equipped with gull wings that swing outward and can be hydraulically lowered to create a ramp so that drill pipe can roll off into pipe tubs or a waiting loader. After the initial set up, the rig crew has no need to come in contact with the TAC again except to perform maintenance or move to a new location.


  • Rig Type: Drilling
  • Drill Floor Height Rate: 4' to 32'
  • Tubular Length Max: Range III
  • Tubular OD Max: 20"
  • Cycle Time: 60 sec.
  • Transport Legnth: 60'
  • Transport Width: 8'
  • Transport Height: 4'-11'
  • Total Weight of Base Unit: 65,000 lbs
  • Working Length: 58’
  • Working Width: 23’-8”
  • Working Height: 35’
  • HPU Size: 100 hp
  • Power Supply 50/60 Hertz: 480v or 600v
  • PLC System: Eaton
  • Gull Wings DS or ODS: Available
  • 4,500 or 10,000 lb. Winch: Available
  • Pipe Rack Indexers DS: Available
  • Skate Tool Basket: Available
  • V-Door: Available

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