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AccuSteer® Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Suite

A collar-based system designed for the unconventional market, AccuSteer MWD provides key measurements – including continuous inclination, shock and vibration, azimuthal gamma, downhole pressure, resistivity and drilling dynamics – to optimize drilling and help stay “in zone” for enhanced wellbore placement. 

The AccuSteer MWD Suite features

  • The shortest length in the industry, which improves well-site handling and bottom-hole assembly (BHA) control during makeup
  • Delivered fully assembled for increased reliability and faster utilization
  • Near-bit continuous inclination, which allows a longer survey interval in the curve to improve slide efficiency.
  • Monitoring of shock and vibration on real-time tool measurements, along with surface indicators, to make timely changes in drilling parameters to avoid damage
  • Azimuthal gamma measurement for accurate wellbore placement
  • Downhole pressure sensors and drilling measurements, including weight on bit, torque on bit and bend on bit, to improve drilling performance
  • Improved resistivity measurements for early detection of approaching bed boundaries to aid in geosteering applications

Due to its unique design, the AccuSteer Suite offers a resistivity logging service without adding additional BHA components or moving other sensors excessive distances from the bit. 

Greater Accuracy

By providing continuous inclination, the AccuSteer Suite provides the data necessary for a more accurate true vertical depth calculation without the time and costs associated with more frequent surveying. The continuous inclination sensor delivers near-bit measurements for enhanced navigation capabilities, increasing accuracy to .1 degree. It provides early warnings of build or drops in inclination and eliminates check shot survey nonproductive time. In the curve, continuous inclination can be used to extend slide distances for increased build output.

Proactive use of continuous inclination reduces tortuosity, resulting in smoother wellbores that reduce torque and drag, improve the casing run process and improve production.

Enhance Your Operations

Nabors offers an integrated suite of performance products and services that work with the AccuSteer system to improve drilling performance, including Total Control Non-Stop Driller, a sub-based constant circulation system designed to improve drilling efficiency, operational safety, hold condition and equipment integration.

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