AccuMP Mud-Pulse MWD


The AccuMP™ system is driven by our patented mud pulsing system and is proven in the roughest drilling environments.  AccuMP provides highly accurate data for survey and directional drilling applications including gamma ray, continuous inclination and real-time shock & vibration measurements.   AccuMP is designed for unmanned operations and can be deployed with or without personnel depending upon your application.

What does this mean for you?

  • Fast data transmission reduces survey time and provides high-resolution gamma logs
  • Unmanned survey and MWD gamma reduces HSE risk
  • Remote monitoring capability ensures service quality and enables unmanned operation 
  • Continuous Inclination ensures precise wellbore placement
  • Real time shock & vibration measurements improve drilling efficiency. 

Smart Telemetry
A breadth of data must be sent continuously from the MWD tool while drilling, but with a limited bandwidth, certain data must be prioritized and scheduled accordingly, sometimes at the expense of other data. Data density in fast drilling conditions has always been a challenge to the MWD industry. To help solve this issue, Nabors has implemented Smart Telemetry. Smart Telemetry is the changing of data sequences while rotating and sliding, so that only the necessary and pertinent information is sent to maximize log quality and maintain a high degree of steerability.